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  • Comptoneffekt

  • compton effect

  • Efecto Compton
  • काम्पटन प्रभाव

  • Efeito Compton
  • Comptoneffekt

  • 콤프턴 효과
  • 康普顿效应

  • 湯普頓效應

  • Comptoneffekten

  • Comptoneffekt

  • This animation exist Hebrew and Arabic too.

Genaral information on “Compton effect”

The photons of an x-ray collide with free electrons, transferring part of their impulse, and continue to move under the remaining impulse. These collisions are mainly oblique collisions:


The electrons can be observed using a Roentgen spectrometer and the photons, with a reduced energy level following collision, using a Roentgen spectrometer.

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Books: Compton effect

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