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In the animation, when complete, the user can switch between the following languages:
(but in the moment for en, es, in, il, ara, po, dt, ko, zh, tr , pl,  fr,  tr)
English (English), Spanisch (Español), Indisch ( भारतीय ), Portugiesisch (Português), Französisch (Français), Deutsch, Japanisch (日本), Koreanisch (한국인), Chinesisch (中国人), Russisch (Pусский)  Hebräisch (Hebrew), Arabisch (Arab),  Polnisch, (Polski),  Türkisch (Türkçe), :

  1. Relaxieren und Präzedieren, T₁ und T₂ – Kurven;
  2. Relaxation and precession, T₁ und T₂ – curve;
  3. Relajación y precesióun, Curva T₁ y curva T₂;
  4. الإبطاء والإسراع؛ منحنيات T₁ و T₂, רגיעה ונקיפה: T₁ ו- T₂ – סיבובים;
  5. रिलैक्सिंग और प्रिसेसिंग; T₁ और T₂ – कर्व्स;
  6. 이완 및 전진. T₁ 및 T₂ – 곡선,
  7. Relaxamento e precessão; curvas T₁ e T₂;
  8. 弛豫和旋进;T₁ 和 T₂ – 曲线;
  9. Relaxation et précession ; courbes T₁ et T₂;
  10. 緩和と歳差運動; T₁およびT₂ – 曲線;
  11. Relaksacja oraz wykonywanie ruchu precesji; krzywe T₁ i T₂;
  12. Relaksasyon ve Presesyon; T₁ ve T₂ eğrileri

Here is a preview of the animation, a previos version, on Youtube (in english)

Here is a preview of the animation (MRI) on Youtube (in español)

Genaral information on relaxation & precession of a spin

The spin can be influenced by magnetic fields or radio frequency pulses. In a static, homogenous magnetic field, the spin is in precession about the magnetic field direction at Larmor frequency. By a process of relaxation, the spin takes on the direction of the external field after a certain time, known as the longitudinal relaxation time T1.
In a microwave field (radio frequency pulses) the direction of the spin can be changed at short intervals.
For examinations of living tissue (determination of T1 and T2) deflections of 90° or 180° from the stationary field direction have proved to be effective. 

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Books: MRI , NMR, Relaxation

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