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Cathode ray

General information on the “Electron beam in crossed fields”
With this unique teaching tool, the BIGS simulation experiment to the “electron beam”, which is, however, paid for, you get very extensive knowledge about the properties of electrons in crossed fields, in an electric field or in a magnetic field. (see underneath tube, Braun tube, movement of charge carriers in the E and B field)
You can precisely determine the specific charge of an electron in your BIGS simulation experiment on your PC / laptop.

Reference: In cooperation with the Duden Schulbuchverlag, a complete teaching tool for a teaching unit of about 6 hours of teaching on the subject of “electron beam in crossed fields” was developed. Open and guided work assignments were made available by the publisher as well as working instructions for teachers. This teaching unit was successfully tested at the Giebichenstein-Gymnasium “Thomas Müntzer” der Stadt Halle ( Saale ).
The pictures shown below are taken from the work material for teachers that came into our collaboration.

Worhsheets for teachers

Impressum of worksheets

Notes on the use of simulation experiments in the classroom

Notes on the teaching unit “Electron beam in crossed fields”

The BIGS simulation experiments do not claim to replace the reality! They are, however, ideal for preparing for a real experiment or for preparing it.
The photo presented at the beginning shows an experimental setup by Phywe. Our simulation is based on the electron beam profile of the real experiment.

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