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Genaral information on “Inertia”

  1. A) Without drag
    When it is in the aircraft, the parcel moves at precisely the sam speed as the aircraft. In accordance with the law of inertia, the parcel retains this horizontal speed as it thrown out of the aircraft, if drag is neglected. As the parcel is also subject to gravity, it describes a parabolic path ending precisely the aircraft as it continues its flght.
  1. B) With drag
    When it is in the aircraft, the parcel moves at precisely the sam speed as the aircraft. A the parcel is thrown out of the aircraft, its horizontal speed will be reduced or the time required to reach the ground will be extended by drag acting on the parcel. In comparison with the situation without drag, the parcel describes a squeezed parabolic path reaches the ground behind the aircraft. The distance between the point of impact and the aircraft depends on conditions.

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