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Genaral information on “Circular motion”

The same rules apply for the acceleration, the distance and the velocity on the circular path that the one for a linear accelerated motion.

More informations – formulas in compare:

linear motion                                                         circular motion 
distance-time-rule                                               Rotation angle-time-rule
s = ½ · a · t φ =  ½  · α  · t
s = ½ v · t φ =   ½  ·ω  ·t
velocity-time-rule                                                 velocity-time-rule
v = a* t ω = α · t
v = a √ ( 2 · s / a)                                                                          ω = α √ ( 2 · s / α )
s distance on the circular path m
v velocity on circular path ms –1
a acceleration on circular path ms-2
φ angle of rotation rad
ω angular speed rad s-1
α acceleration of rotation rad s-2
t time s
r radius of circular path m

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Books: Circular motion

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